Cataracts: The Malady

Cataract The Malady

Cataracts: The Malady


Certainly avoided by many people, a cataract is another curable malady in ophthalmology. It’s a case where the diagnosed deals with a cloudy area in the lens of the eye, causing a lack of proper vision. 

Generally, Cataracts have a slow-developing rate, occupy old age, and lead to visionary infection in either one or both eyes. The vision in the ailment turns vague, varying on a scale, and it can make you feel like your eyes have been contaminated with dust. Cataracts affect several areas in the domain including the decrement in color contrast.

Know the symptoms

  • Hazy vision
  • Improper distinguishment of objects
  • Double vision
  • Lack of color contrast
  • Difficulty in sight at night
  • Extra sensitivity against light


  • Generally, the prime recipients of the ailment are old age owners. As the subject starts crossing the age of 40, a few normal changes in the body leads to the breakdown of the proteins in the lens of the eye. And this breakdown causes contamination in the lens.
  • The age barrier may not affect the people and they may not receive the contamination.
  • Not only the old age has a relation with the ailment but also it can be congenital. However, several other reasons may turn anyone into the recipient.


  • However, age, being the principal factor of this ailment, is not the only cause of cataracts.
  • It can be congenital or it can be parcel from the family members who have cataracts.
  • Excessive faceoff with sunlight or other radiations such as  ultraviolet light can lead to the ailment.
  • Smoking and alcohol can be a cause too.
  • Skin diseases are found to be related to cataracts.
  • Certain drugs like steroids and eye diseases like uveitis can lead to secondary cataracts.



As cataracts have a slow-developing rate, it can be prevented although there are no significant proofs. However, adequate steps can slow its developing rate such as wearing sunglasses and protecting the eye from direct sunlight. Controlling diet and eating accordingly can also help in its prevention. Moreover, smoking should be avoided as it has an acute relation with cataracts development. Also, consumption of alcohol should be avoided as well.


The only way to remove cataracts is surgery. However, if it doesn’t bother you much or using glasses can help to avoid its disturbance then certainly, you can avoid surgery. Moreover, take an eye exam time by time and appreciate your doctor’s suggestion.


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