Retina: Mr. Surinder Singh

I had uncontrolled diabetes for the last 12 years. One fine day, I could not see from one of my eyes. I came to save sight centre and was told to have bleeding inside the eye due to sugar. I was very apprehensive about all the treatment option but was very well convinced by Dr. Rajeev Jain.
I was given injection in my both eyes, Followed by 3 sittings of retinal laser. I regained my vision and maintaining my eyesight with regular checkups and controlling my sugar. Thanks to Save Sight centre.

Retina: Mr. Mitra

Myself, aged 71 went to Dr. Rajiv Jain in a condition when I had completely lost vision in one eye owing to retina detachment. Besides his great skill as a surgeon (by which he had operated my right eye with multiple problems) what was more impressive was the prudency and empathy that a patient expects from a doctor in such a desperate situation. He is blessed with divinity and is one of the very few dedicated doctor that I have seen in my lifetime. I wish him all success in life and hope that all his enduring efforts in bringing back vision to patients like me continues and are well accomplished.

Uveitis: Mr.Abhinav Sinha

I was diagnosed as chronic uveitis secondary to juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and was under treatment for 3 years without relief. Then i was referred to save sight centre, I was diagnosed as chronic intermediate uveitis with cataracts in both eyes. I was started on steroids and immunosuppressive medicines. After 2 years of regular follow ups, finally right eye cataract surgery was done in july,2013. Now i have perfect vision and my doctors are planning for left eye surgery too. Thanks to save sight team for taking care of my eyes.


Cataract: Mr. Shrawan Tulsiyan

 I am 43 year old active man. From the last 3-6 months, I was uncomfortable in driving at night time. This was really disturbing my daily activity. I came to Save Sight Centre for my eye examination and was told to have cataract in my both eyes. I got operated myself here. They use latest machines, without injection and any pain. I was back to my work and my daily activities after 1 week of surgery. Thanks to Dr. Rajeev that I am leading a very normal life.

Underwent Lasik Surgery: Ms. Shikha Mittal

I had never ever dreamt of having such a visual clarity without spectacles ever in my life .It was a very comfortable experience, the doctors ensured that all my queries were well answered before I was taken up for the surgery and I am so glad that I got this procedure done. The post operative vision that I have now is a new experience altogether. The personalized care and attention that I got is exceptional."


Underwent Lasik Surgery: Ms. Shikha Dahiya

“I was very scared (nervous) before the procedure starts but actually the procedure was absolutely painless, doctor and staff was very supportive. There was a world of difference in my vision. And right from the next day of surgery I could start my daily normal activities. I made a right decision and am very happy. I am experiencing a new life without spectacles.

Underwent Lasik Surgery: Mr. Parit Gupta

"If world could better be seen with bare eyes, then why use glasses / contact lenss. I got rid of my glasses after a long confusion created by people about risks involved. Then I met Dr. Jain at Save Sight Centre, he guided about the process and effects. I so thank him for getting me rid from the spectacles. I call it the "HD Vision" he has got me. I must say my life has become 20% simpler just by removing the glasses; It was so much of a hassle I now realise. I can easily swim, I can wear just any sunglasses and at any time, I can run and exercise without a thought about sweat coming on my glasses. The process is simple, painless, and it’s purely magical. Thank you Save sight Centre for giving me the natural vision again." - Parit Gupta