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What to expect on the day of appointment

On your first visit at our clinic, expect to spend around 3-4 hrs, during which you will be thoroughly examined and if necessary treated by our team.

On first and then on subsequent visits, our trained optometrist will be examining you first where he will take relevant medical history, check your vision, spectacle power, intraocular pressure etc.

Then your eyes (pupils) will be dilated. This will help your doctor to examine your retina and eyes thoroughly and make a proper diagnosis. It is always recommended that you do not drive after getting your eyes dilated. You may not be able to do your near work for next 4-6 hrs after dilatation. So kindly plan your visit accordingly and bring along someone to help you drive back once your eyes are dilated.

Once pupils are dilated, your doctor will examine your eyes thoroughly and make a diagnosis. We might be doing some additional testing's like FFA/OCT/B scan to make a definite diagnosis, which can be done on the same visit. Once your treatment plan is made by us, treatment can be started depending on the urgency.

If surgery is decided for you, then you will be directed to our councilor where you can discuss the surgery rates and book the date for the surgery.

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