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Know About Save Sight Centre Eye Hospital

Save Sight Centre is an establishment founded by Dr. Rajeev Jain. We've taken care of more than 2,80,000 eyes over the 13 years. We have earned your trust through the dedication of our staff. The eye hospital is one of the top eye hospitals in Delhi. We are certified by the NABH for providing the most effective treatment for your eyes. The centre for eye care is accredited with ISO.

This eye hospital, situated in Adarsh Nagar in New Delhi, stands out for its dedication to exceptional eye care services and provides innovative equipment. Staffed with experienced physicians and cutting-edge equipment, Save Sight Centre aims to preserve and improve vision for all its patients.

  • The Comprehensive Eye Care Program: We provide an array of eye care services designed to ensure patients receive personalized and effective treatments. From routine exams to more invasive surgical procedures, this hospital can treat various eye issues with personalized plans designed specifically to treat each issue.
  • Expert Eye Specialists: This hospital features an experienced team of eye care experts dedicated to providing top-quality patient care. We cure every sort of Uveal and Retinal diseases. Our areas of expertise span cataract procedures, glaucoma treatments, refractive surgery procedures and retina care. In short, eye specialists at Save Sight Centre deliver accurate diagnosis and effective treatments.
  • Modern Facilities with Cutting-Edge Technology: We offer cutting-edge technology and facilities to provide accurate diagnoses and high-quality treatment results. Utilizing modern diagnostic equipment and surgical tools, the hospital offers minimally-invasive procedures designed to maximize patient comfort and security.
  • Patient Centric Approach: At our eye care centre, patient satisfaction is of utmost importance. The hospital strives to create an environment which is supportive and compassionate towards its patients, taking into consideration their issues while assuring their wellbeing throughout treatment. Our staff members are known for their warm yet professional attitudes which ensures every individual feels valued and cared for during treatment.
  • Community Outreach and Awareness Programs: We are dedicated to raise public awareness on the significance of eye care and prevention measures through outreach and awareness programs such as eye health camps. Our hospital aims to reach underserved people while increasing eye health awareness among them.
  • Committed to excellence: The patients benefit from top-of-the-line eye care with meticulous quality controls, ethical conduct and continual investment in employee development and professional growth. Our dedication ensures clients experience superior care with outstanding outcomes.
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Providing Care For The Sickest


Rebuilding visions is our passion

Driving through even the smallest details, we serve our visitors as they become our responsibility, and seeing them delighted is our delight.


Doctors as connoisseurs

Our group is not just a group of doctors but a group of connoisseurs in the subject. We treat the patient after comforting him/her.


Equipment of merit

We have entirely modish technology to serves the best treatments possible. Get the accurate diagnose with top-notch technology.



There is proper management for the quick services. We try to provide the earliest solution to the patients and prevent queues.


Compact pricing

We won’t let you break your piggy bank for your eye treatments. Our mission is to provide you the best eye care solution at very reasonable costs.