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Optometry Internship Programme at Save Sight Centre

Optometry Internship Programme at Save Sight Centre

Are you passionate about eye care and looking to gain experience in optometry?

Save Sight Centre's Optometry Internship Programme offers the ideal way for aspiring optometrists to expand their knowledge and abilities under experienced professionals' tutelage. In this blog post we will outline its objectives, benefits, application process and what interns can expect during their time at Save Sight Centre.

Program Objectives

Save Sight Centre's Optometry Internship Program is designed to accomplish several goals:

  • Providing Practical Experience Interns will have an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in an actual clinical environment, working alongside our team of seasoned optometrists and gaining firsthand experience in various aspects of optometric care - patient examinations, diagnostic testing, and providing treatment recommendations are among many.
  • Enhancing Clinical Skills Interns will hone and perfect their clinical skills through supervised practice and mentorship, learning how to conduct comprehensive eye examinations, conduct specialized tests, interpret results and create treatment plans - invaluable experience that will contribute to their professional growth as future optometrists.
  • Exposing Interns to Diverse Cases Save Sight Centre is renowned for its expertise in treating various eye conditions, and interns will have an opportunity to observe and participate in diagnosing and managing diverse cases, such as refractive errors, ocular diseases and vision rehabilitation. This exposure will broaden their knowledge base while equipping them for future careers.
  • Promoting Interprofessional Collaboration Collaboration is central to providing comprehensive eye care. Interns will work closely with our team of optometrists, ophthalmologists, and other eye care specialists; this collaborative environment will foster teamwork, communication skills development, and an appreciation of multidisciplinary approaches towards eye health.

Benefits of the Programme

Optometry Internship Program offers many advantages to aspiring optometrists:

  • Mentorship and Guidance Interns will receive guidance from experienced optometrists dedicated to encouraging their professional growth. Our mentors offer ongoing support, feedback, and tailored advice in order to assist interns excelling at clinical practice and professional development.
  • Exposure to Advanced Technologies Save Sight Centre is equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, giving interns access to modern optometric equipment and techniques used in modern optometry practice.
  • Networking Opportunities Interns will have the chance to build networks within optometry and related eye care specialties, at networking events, conferences, or seminars. Expand their professional networks while gaining insights into eye care more broadly.
  • Professional Development This program comprises educational sessions, workshops, and case discussions designed to expand interns' knowledge and abilities. Topics may include ocular pathology, contact lens fitting, pediatric optometry and low vision management among many others.

Application Process

To apply for the Optometry Internship Programme at Save Sight Centre, interested candidates must follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Submit Application Candidates are required to submit an extensive application that includes their academic transcripts, curriculum vitae (CV), statement of interest and any reference letters from faculty or optometry preceptors. Applications can be submitted either through below form or email at
  • Step 2: Interview Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview with the selection committee, where they can discuss their goals, aspirations and suitability for optometry internship programs during this discussion. During the interview session, members of the selection committee will assess candidates based on academic achievements, interpersonal skills and passion for optometry.
  • Step 3: Notification of Acceptance Successful candidates will be informed of their acceptance into the program, along with any specific details about its duration, starting date, requirements or paperwork that may need to be fulfilled.

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