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Vision Of Save Sight Centre


Save Sight Centre, the best eye hospital in Delhi, aim to be a leader in comprehensive eye treatment and eye health promotion in our community and beyond. We want to end preventable blindness, improve vision, and improve eye patients' well-being.

This eye care centre was established 12 years ago and till then, We have taken care of more than 2,60,000 eyes and it’s increasing everyday. This is the most trusted eye hospital in Adarsh Nagar, New Delhi. People from far like Rohini, Ghaziabad, Haryana, South Delhi, and many more, come to us.

We just try that people can see this beautiful world without any hindrance. Our Vision is to just improve the quality of life by improving the vision.


We provide compassionate, ethical, and innovative eye care. We pledge:

  • Providing high quality and accessible eye care: We provide high-quality, affordable eye treatment to customers of all ages. We believe that everyone should get the quality eye care without knowing their socio-economic status.
  • Promoting eye health and awareness: We promote frequent eye exams, early illness identification, and prevention. We promote eye health through community outreach activities.
  • Personalized, patient-centred care: We prioritize patient requirements and preferences. We develop trust and open communication between patients, their families, and our healthcare team in a friendly and pleasant setting.
  • Excellence: We encourage staff learning and professional development. We use the best method to provide the best eye care services, according to the patient. Our techniques, proven methods, and technology fulfil the needs of the patients.
  • Innovating and collaborating: We collaborate with different healthcare providers, organizations, and research institutions to improvise the patient outcomes. Technology and innovation improve diagnosis, therapies, and patient experience.
  • Ethics: We always act ethically. We value patient privacy and informed consent.

Our vision and objective are to improve the lives of people with eye diseases, preserve sight, and improve our community.

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