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CME on Latest Trends in Ophthalmology

Welcome to our CME (Continuing Medical Education) page from Save Sight Centre's Ophthalmology section! Our centre aims to inform healthcare professionals of the rapidly advancing field of ophthalmology, while equipping them with knowledge and abilities necessary for providing cutting-edge treatment to their patients. Through our CME programs, we strive to keep abreast of recent advancements techniques, methods and research findings related to Ophthalmology.

Goal of CME on Latest Trends in Ophthalmology

This CME on Ophthalmology seeks to equip healthcare professionals with in-depth knowledge on all of the latest technologies, trends, treatments and approaches within Ophthalmology health. We focus on providing healthcare providers with knowledge that is current, evidence based practice as well as strategies that improve the outcomes for patients.

Important Topics Discussed

The CME course covers an expansive array of contemporary issues in ophthalmology. This includes topics such as:

  • Refraction surgery advancements
  • New treatments for retinal diseases are becoming available
  • New imaging technologies allow for early diagnosis and monitoring
  • New developments in cataract surgery including intraocular lens alternatives as well as treatment of glaucoma are on the horizon
  • Ophthalmology for Children and Advances in Pediatric Eye Treatment
  • Corneal transplant technique as well as artificial intelligence/digital health advances within Ophthalmology;
  • Neuro-Ophthalmology/Optic Nerve Disorders are also discussed here
Expert Speakers

CME sessions in Ophthalmology are presented by top specialists and well-recognized professionals from within their fields, sharing years of knowledge to present engaging talks on current trends and developments within Ophthalmology. These CME speakers bring years of expertise, providing informative talks that stimulate participants.

Interactive Learning

Our CME classes are designed to be engaging and interactive, featuring panels, case studies, and interactive sessions where participants are able to engage with specialists, get answers to their queries, share experiences and create an environment conducive to collaborative learning.


Our CME programs are accredited by medical organizations that recognize them, so participants will be awarded continuing education credits upon completing each session. Accreditation serves to demonstrate and validate our high worth and quality.