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Eye Ultrasound

  • 01What is Refractive eye surgery?

    Eye ultrasound is a technique with the use of high-frequency sound waves to get a detailed picture of your eye and eye orbit to understand the section properly. This technique is more effective than the regular eye exam can detect the diseases at their earlier stages.

  • 02The need for an Eye Ultrasound

    There are some things or some cases when a person experiences unobvious eye problems and a regular eye exam fails to detect it. In that need, an eye ultrasound helps in detecting some issues such as:

    1) Tumors
    2) Retinal detachment
    3) Unfamiliar substances
    4) Neoplasms

    However, there can be some other things such as glaucoma and cataracts where eye ultrasound gives a better visual which helps in better and rapid treatment.

  • 03The procedure of eye ultrasound

    The technique takes a time of 15-30 minutes to complete. And it is performed in toe steps.

    Step 1: A-scan

    The first step measures the eye and determines the depth of it. Herein, one needs to sit upright in a chair, placing the chin on a chin rest while looking straight forward. It uses an oiled probe that fixes against the front portion of your eye and the scan is performed.

    Step 2: B-scan

    The second step measures the conditions in-depth, conditions such as the diagnosis of tumors, retinal detachment, and others. During the scan, the practitioner will put a drop of gel on your eyelids, later you will have to close your eyes and move your eyeballs and the practitioner will place a probe against your eyelids. And the results will be awaited.

  • 04Risks and Results

    Except for a few minutes of slight discomfort, there are no side effects and risks of this test. And the results can help the doctor in finding acquaintance with any kind of unfamiliarity.