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Choose IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Treatment for chronic dry eyes

What is IPL Treatment?

Dry eye can prove to be painful and uncomfortable problem, affecting your daily activities and the overall quality of life. IPL therapy is a promising option for those who suffer from chronic dry eyes syndrome.

We at Save Sight Centre, we recognize the necessity of finding solutions that reduce dry eyes and improve eye health. When the eyes don't produce enough tears, or produce poor quality tears that result in dry eye syndrome.

What is IPL Treatment?

The symptoms include irritation as well as burning sensations, redness along with blurred and swollen vision. Many factors, such as the environment as well as age, medication, and the underlying health issues, can cause dry eyes.

Traditional Treatments vs. IPL

While traditional treatments for dry eyes often involve artificial tears, lubricating eye drops, and prescription medications, these approaches may only provide temporary relief. IPL treatment offers a unique alternative by targeting the underlying cause of dry eye syndrome.

How IPL Treatment Works

Dry eyes can be treated using IPL. The technique involves powerful light bursts on the eye skin. Light activates the Meibomian glands around the eyes by producing moderate heat. These glands produce oils that keep the tear layer on the eyes moist and prevent dryness.

The heat from IPL stimulates the Meibomian glands to produce more natural oils. These oils improve the tear film and keep the eyes moist and comfortable. IPL treatment relieves dry eye syndrome by enhancing oil production and tear quality.

How IPL Therapy works?

Benefits of IPL Treatment
  • IPL treatment restores the balance of oils in the tear layer, improving tear quality and eye lubrication.
  • Reduced inflammation: IPL reduces dry eye syndrome-related irritation, redness, and discomfort by treating inflammation.
  • After a few sessions, many patients see improvement in dry eye symptoms using IPL treatment, unlike eye drops.
  • Minimumly invasive: IPL treatment for dry eyes is safe and comfortable because it does not require incisions or surgery.
  • Customizable: IPL treatment parameters can be modified based on dry eye symptoms and patient response.
  • IPL treatment improves dry eye syndrome patients' quality of life by increasing tear production and lowering inflammation.
Benefits of IPL treatment

The IPL Treatment Process
  • Consultation: Before undergoing IPL therapy, patients must undergo a thorough eye examination to determine the severity of their eye problems and determine if they're appropriate candidates.
  • Therapy Sessions: Treatment sessions with IPL generally last approximately 15 to 20 minutes and are carried out in-office by our highly skilled doctors.
  • Post-treatment Care: After each IPL session, patients can be afflicted with slight swelling or redness that usually subsides within a couple of hours. Our team will give post-treatment guidelines to help patients get the most effective outcomes.
IPL Treatment Process?

Who Can Benefit from IPL Treatment?

This therapy is suitable for individuals who:

  • Have been diagnosed with chronic dry eye condition.
  • Traditional therapies like lubricating eye drops have not provided enough relief.
  • Seeking long-term dry eye management solutions.
  • Seeking a non-invasive, effective solution to enhance tear quality and reduce dry eye irritation.
  • Are open to several therapy sessions as advised by their healthcare provider for maximum results. Overall, IPL treatment is promising for chronic dry eye patients seeking sustained relief and improved eye health.
who can go for IPL Therapy?

Is IPL Treatment Safe?

IPL therapies are believed to be to be safe and effective when administered by qualified experts. Our team has a wealth of knowledge of the administration of IPL therapy. We employ every precaution to ensure the safety of patients and the comfort of the patient.

In focusing on the source that cause dry eyes IPL therapy provides long-lasting relief as well as better eye health. Contact us today for an appointment to start the process towards better, more comfortable eyes.

IPL treatment is totally safe